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We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Rialto area from their patient reviews. Dr. Patricia Pompa and the staff at Rialto Family Dental Center are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned so many positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Dr. Pompa.


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General rating: 4.9
Rating: 5
Ali Yangin
Feb 13 2024
I think it's time to give a more detailed review since I'm almost done with my treatment. I'm not proud to admit that I didn't take good care of my teeth in my 20s, and now I'm facing the consequences. The dentist informed me that I needed 11 fillings, and Mr. Michael has been taking care of me. We're almost done with all the fillings, and I just need one more. The care I received from the office is remarkable. The ladies at the front desk are the kindest people I've ever met in a dentist's office. They're very accommodating, understanding, and walk you through the entire process, making you feel at home. Mr. Michael is super gentle, and he didn't let me feel the pain during the treatment. His work is smooth, and the results are fantastic. Samantha, their nurse, is also very talented and takes good care of the patients. I have learned to take good care of my teeth and will continue to do so, but this place is my go-to place whenever I need dental care. I want to thank everyone at the office for taking good care of their patients.
Rating: 5
Ariel Cordero
Apr 12 2024
I got two wisdom teeth pulled today and it only took 10 minutes! The only pain during the procedure was the numbing shots. I highly recommended them if you need your wisdom teeth extracted.
Rating: 5
Robbie Mumford
Jan 22 2024
My Dentist is absolutely exceptional! She sets the standard in excellence! I am most thankful for her kindness and professionalism. Robert Mumford
Rating: 5
Rick McCool
Apr 25 2024
Great place to go. Staff very professional and very understanding for those who have a little fear of going to a dentist . All that disappears in the way they handle things . I know I was one of those people .
Rating: 5
Seth Lemanek
Dec 14 2023
Very friendly staff! Nice atmosphere! The lead dentist was polite, straightforward, and eager to answer questions. I came hear for a second opinion on a possible tooth pull. They gave me all the info I needed and helped save my tooth!